Vehicle charging point installation Northampton

Vehicle charging points

As the number of electric cars on the roads increases so too will the need for charging points. Installation and maintenance of vehicle charging points is relatively straightforward and has a number of benefits over waiting in ever-growing queues at public charging points.

Vehicle charging at home

The most convenient place to have access to a charging point is at home. That way you can charge your vehicle overnight and wake up to a full battery. And if you are able to take advantage of an off-peak electricity tariff, charging overnight will also work out cheaper.

Vehicle charging at work

More and more organisations are installing charging facilities to enable employees to charge their vehicles during the day. As well as providing real sustainability benefits and a strong environmental message, it can also contribute to lower fleet costs.

Reasons to go electric

  • Driving 100 miles in an electric car costs in the region of £2 to £4 compared with £13 to £16 for a petrol or diesel car
  • With fewer mechanical components than petrol or diesel vehicles, electric cars can be cheaper to service and maintain
  • If you travel into London’s Congestion Zone, you could be eligible for a 100% discount on the Congestion Charge

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Electrical vehicle car charging

If you already own or are thinking about investing in an electric car and would like to find out more about installing a vehicle charging point at your home, speak to our home charging point installer.

We also provide charging point installation and maintenance services to commercial and educational sites.

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